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Happiness PhotoContest

Take a moment and live it forever

Photography is feeling, it is art, it is a message.

Impressing a feeling in the observer, whether it is happiness, cheerfulness, sadness, nostalgia, etc. it should be the primary purpose of each person getting ready to take an image but, unfortunately, is also on the hardest goal to achieve.

In this competition we want to focus on a feeling in particular: happiness.

The feeling is one of the most discussed topic in the photographic field. Many are the masters of the image that over the years have tried to represent it in their own way.

According to the dictionary, happiness is "the positive state of mind of those who feel satisfied with all their desires. Etymology makes happiness from: happiness, derivation. felix-icis, "happy", whose root "fe-" means abundance, wealth, prosperity "but we want to focus on all aspects and facets of this emotion.

A birth, a marriage, a laughing baby, the achievement of a goal, nostalgia, love, kiss, a place of childhood, meeting with an old friend, participation in a manifestation, principles that they move actions... all that can be done, in the observer or in the subjects of the images, a feeling of joy and happiness is part of this photocontest

Who is the photo contest for?

  • For the professional photographer who wants his photography internationally known

  • For the advanced amateur photographer who wants to give a boost to his artistic curriculum with a high-level competition.

  • For all those who want to divulge their photography in real channels

  • For the amateur photographer who wants to step forward and transform his passion into a job.

  • For the neophyte who wants to compete with other competitors from around the world

  • For those who aspire to formal recognition to the value of their shots

The Jury

Gurdas Dua

Tony Spadarella

Juan Herrera

Alejandro Liberti

Danilo Garcia Di Meo

Alice Godone

Marta Campioni

Sergio Battista

Roberto Pestarino

  • An International Jury

    The jury of the competition is made up of 9 international experts of photography and its artistic and professional uses. Judges come from India, USA; Mexico, Spain and Italy

  • World Wide Echo

    Our photographic competitions are published in magazines (online and paper) of three continents

  • Great Awards

    The prize pool consists of coupons, prints of the winning works and award plaques. In addition to rewarding the podium of the three categories, all participants will receive a discount on the catalog of our partners.

  • Three Different Categories

    The unique theme is analyzed from different perspectives to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves in the best way.

  • Your Personal and Private Login

    You can manage and upload your photos from your personal area. By registering you will create credentials with which you can access your personal space in the contest.

  • Social Award

    At the end of the call, a contest gallery will be published with all the submitted photographs. The “Social Award” will be recognized at the photograph that will receive the bigger public consent.

  • Affiliate Membership

    .raw is you, without your support our initiatives would not be possible. We have created and developed an affiliate system that will allow you to earn with our competitions.

  • Discounts in our Partner Stores

    All contest participants will be entitled to a discount on catalogs of our store partners.


Some of the opinions of those who participated in our initiatives

Great organization and jury of the highest level makes this contest an opportunity not to be missed.

- Fiorenzo Rosa

The themes required while being "classic" have a retro taste that could and should outline the technical and compositive abilities of each participant, sure there will be one that will participate with the click of life and who instead with routine hoping hoping to be of a high level . It is a difficult task to present emotional and different photos from the classic.

- Federico Lepi

Very prestigious and definitely interesting.

- Massimiliano Calligaris

It's a great opportunity for all emerging photographers that I want to share their work by playing in a competition like this.

- Massimiliano Mancini

Competition with a unique theme but analyzed in various ways: a brilliant choice!

- Daniele Pasian

I got in because .raw contests are very well organized, with interesting categories and remarkable participation

- Angiolo Manetti

In my opinion one of the best photographic competitions

- Alberto Caselli

I have already participated in a first contest and my picture was finalist although I did not receive any mention I was very happy about. I find the staff very friendly and polite, always ready to respond (even on Facebook). The site is nice and innovative design, I hope to have more visibility with time.

- Luigi Stranieri


Each competitor will receive a discount on purchases in the Partner Stores.

You will also be awarded to the best 3 photographs for each category and a "Social" Award

  • First Category Award

    The best photography of each category will be awarded 150 € discount coupon in one of our Partners, a photo print selected in 50×75 format, a plaque of recognition

  • Second Category Award

    The Second photography of each category will be awarded 50 € discount coupon in one of our Partners and a photo print selected in 50×75 format

  • Third Category Award

    The Third photography of each category will be awarded a photo print in 50×75 format

  • Social Award

    The photograph that will receive the highest number of “likes” in the contest gallery will be awarded with a photo print

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